Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Another great day (& intake June 27)

I ran for a full hour this morning, which was brilliant. I'm struggling with my intake, though. I know I should get to 1,000 each day, and 800 on 'low' days, but I feel like I'm just shoveling things in to get my intake up, but I want to stick with the Plan so I can find out where my intake should be to lose slowly... Struggling. I'm still eating fairly clean, though. A lot of tea & coffee, wholegrain bread, oats, soup, yoghurt, potato, salads, rice cakes and muesli seem to be my focus. I'm not eating as much fruit as I'd like, but the only chocolate I'm eating is (measured, obviously) Milo and Nutella. One week chocolate-free, woo hoo! Also, cakes and baked goods don't pop up often (when they do, they're mini-muffins), and my ice-cream is low-fat and sugar-free. So I think I'm doing okay. Eating clean and training mean to stay lean!

I'm still shocked I've lost weight in the past week, but certainly not complaining. If I can keep this up (or at least not gain) for a few weeks, I'll be stoked. Then I can restrict less severely, keep my sugars up, avoid some health issues, and lose weight at my own pace (which isn't too fast, considering I don't have that much to lose). I always ate less than 50 cals a day, up until last November when I started having hypoglycemia issues. Then I upped it to 200, but still had issues, hence my high-cal days. I'm so uncomfortable with my intake at 800-1,000, but I know it's the only way to avoid hospital and the dickhead psychiatrist. If I can keep puttering on with losing weight, so much the better.

My dietician challenged me to eat different foods for dinner, and one of the things I came up with was a chicken teriyaki omelette. I used to eat these every night. 1/4 cup egg whites, spring onions, and chicken (38.6g tonight) cooked in teriyaki sauce. So there. It fell apart tonight so it was scrambled ;) Had it with a pork dumpling and tiny bit of plain lettuce (could've done with more lettuce). Nom. Even with ice-cream, dinner was still under 200. About to have my frozen yoghurt, then a big hot chocolate :3

Sorry for the long ramble. Again. Cute Disney picture for today (nabbed from their FB). Love to all my friends on here - we're lost, but at least we're not alone <3

Snack: Coffee (4)
Breakfast: WW oats with Stevia & cinnamon, Four Seed toast with WW canola spread & Vegemite, Coffee (156)
Snack: Coffee (2)
Snack: Sweet chilli rice cake, Nut muesli bar, Coffee (107)
Snack: Coffee (2)
Lunch: Homemade soup, FF yoghurt (130)
Snack: Coffee, Apple muesli bar (77)
Dinner: Egg white & spring onion teriyaki scramble, teriyaki chicken, Pork dumpling, Lettuce, Coke Zero, SF ice cream with Milo, Coffee (188)
Snack: Frozen strawberry yoghurt (28)
Snack: Hot chocolate (34)

Total intake: 728 calories
Burnt running: 853 calories
Burnt doing housework: 164 calories
Total burn: 1,017 calories


  1. I can relate to trying to keep doctors off your back, I'm just going to see my therapist now, I'm supposed to keep a food diary but it's never honest. I want to want recovery if that makes sense but I'm just no there yet,

    Stay safe x

    1. I hate doctors completely. The psychiatrist at my local hospital is the worst kind... He really fucked with my head. And if I go to hospital, he's the only one 'qualified enough' to deal with me these days. I get what you mean. I want to want recovery too, but really I think I just want to stay out of the emergency department :-/

      Good luck with your therapist, I hope it goes well