Saturday, 9 June 2012

Success (and Intake June 9th)

I ended up having some extra soup for dinner, and a hot chocolate for dessert instead of jelly, because I needed the sugars and have the calories to spare. My sugar levels still aren't great, but they're in the low-end of normal. I'm gonna do my sugars every morning (at least) to keep an eye on it until Thursday.

When I wake up, it'll only be four days until I weigh myself (making 13 weeks without weighing). It seems crazy after so long. I'm so nervous. I doubt I've gained, but you never know. I hope to be 45kg/99lb when I weigh (I was 48.0kg last time). I weighed over the magical 100lb a few months back :( Ew, Ew, Ew! I hate even thinking about it. The 50kg mark better never come near me again!

Breakfast: apple, oolong tea (24)
Lunch: (not much) Shirataki & tomato, whipped jelly with whipped cream, peppermint tea (17)
Dinner: noodle soup, hot chocolate (55)
Snacks: black coffee x2 (7), watermelon & strawberries (20), hot chocolate (25)

Total intake: 148 calories
Burnt running: 216 (didn't want to push it with my sugar levels)
Burnt doing housework: 158
Net intake: -226



  1. Good luck regulating your glycemia !
    Don't worry about the calories this day, just try to get better. Anyway, it will do good to your metabolism !

    I'll hope you'll be satisfied with the results when you'll weight yourself!
    You've done so well untill now, you really deserve this success !


    1. Thanks Hun. I ended up eating like 300 cal of bread and sweets in a bedtime blood sugar mini-binge T_T But my sugars are great this morning!


  2. I'm glad you're getting your sugar levels back up. I was worried that you would get ill.
    Congratulations on such a low intake.