Thursday, 28 June 2012

No idea what to title! (& intake June 28)

Today's been up-and-down. My GP called when I was cooking dinner, and spoke to mum. Dr-Doesn't-Give-A-Shit called my ED psych, who is calling us next week. Mum's said she'll tell her why I'm not so interested in therapy anymore (because of the GP), and try to see if we can have her in the background. Doubt it. It'll be interesting, though. Thank God I can't be ITO'd over the phone (I hope...). So fucking scared of ITOs. Two in less than a year is enough to last me a lifetime, thanks.

I've been pretty good (AKA, naughty with a slightly low intake) the past few days, so I treated myself a little tonight (though stayed under 800 again... Fuck yes!). I had my potato with salsa & cheese, several nachos on the side, and a salsa salad! Dinner still came in under 200 (I waited a little for dessert), which is amazeballs. Then I made myself a slightly extravagant dessert that consisted of SF ice cream, crushed up vegan chocolate animal cookies, and caramel topping :) Never had it before, but I will again! Best combination of (semi-)safe foods ever. Feeling yucky and full, but I'm only at 700 :) The bonus is I'll be able to prove that <800 won't make my sugars plummet.

This is day three at 700-750, and I'm fucking fine (...I'm fucking fine on 50 until I hypo :(). I might play around a little lower, but I really want to average 900 (like last week) so I can see if I lose more on this much. I don't want to fall into the pattern of my calories dropping continuously. I'd like to know I can eat 1,000+ and maintain on some days, and restrict on others to lose weight, depending how I feel day-to-day. I need to get my intake up. I need to stay out of hospital. If that means I only lose half a kilo a month, I don't care.

Much love to you all, as always

Snack: coffee (2)
Breakfast: WW oats with Stevia & cinnamon, Four Seed toast with WW canola spread & Vegemite, Coffee, Apple, Oolong tea (134)
Snack: Coffee (2)
Snack: Strawberry Smoothie (30)
Lunch: Homemade soup, FF yoghurt (130)
Snack: Apple muesli, coffee (79)
Dinner: Baked potato with mild salsa & FF cheese, Side salad (iceberg & Medium salsa), Corn chips with mild salsa & LF cheese, Coke Zero, Coffee (199)
Snack: SF ice cream with crumbled vegan chocolate animal cookies & caramel topping, Coffee (129) (I know this is a weird one, but it was totally worth it)

Total intake: 707 calories
Burnt running: 426 calories
Burnt housekeeping: 215 calories
Total burn: 641 calories


  1. Congratulations !
    I'm really happy it is going so well for you !
    You've always been a role model for me !
    I can't thank you enough for all that you bring me :)