Friday, 15 June 2012

Slow (& intake June 15th)

Not much to report today. I had a really slow morning because I was feeling pretty blue, then caught up on sleep a little (I've been getting five hours for the last three nights). Had my three meals, and didn't snack at all. I was still feeling sad/weak/tempted, so I had some soup and some more yoghurt for dinner (I don't have my whipped jelly on hand at the moment).

I so badly need to see 46 on the scale on Sunday. I'm hoping that my sugars will hold out for tomorrow. They're falling today, and close to dropping out of the normal range. I'm scared every day that I'm going to hypo and end up in hospital. I'll probably fall out of the normal range tomorrow, but I need to stay strong and wait it out. I'll eat a little more if I need to, but usually turns into overeating :-/

So the plan for tomorrow: eat at least 5 times, and have something whenever my sugars fall below the 'normal' range. On Sunday, I can eat.

Breakfast: frozen strawberry yoghurt, peppermint tea (28)
Lunch: diced apple, oolong tea (24)
Dinner: noodle soup, frozen strawberry yoghurt (48)
Snacks: coffee x2 (8), hot chocolate (25)

Total Intake: 133 calories

Love to you all <3



  1. That's amazing how you manage to eat so few calories. I'm really impressed. I wish I could have as much control as you do.
    How do you manage to keep it up ? Do you plan exactly what you'll eat during the week or just do it day after day ?
    Congrats anyway, I'm sure that you'll soon reach your GW

    1. I just try to eat as little as possible. I always have soup & yoghurt in the fridge, and at least half a dozen apples. I need to eat more tomorrow, though, or my sugars are going to be getting dangerous :(

      Thanks for the support hun <3


  2. Wow I wish I could just stick to eating set things like you do. Its amazing. Your self control is amazing - I am sure you will get to where you wanna be <3