Monday, 18 June 2012

Breakfast (209)

WeightWise oats made with water, stevia & cinnamon. Two egg white omelette with tomato sauce and half a slice Burgen Wholemeal & Seeds toast. Other half of the toast with WW canola spread & Vegemite. Half balls cantaloupe & sliced strawberries. Oolong tea & black coffee. 209 calories. Eating to grow, workout & impress the doctor lady this morning :)

Gonna go for a run, do some yoga, maybe some strength workouts, have morning tea (apple & yoghurt - 99), and go see Cath. So scared :(

All my love


  1. I haven't read your more recent posts yet, so I know I'm a bit behind as I write this. But that food looks so healthy and amazing, I'm so proud of you for trying to get healthy.
    Love you.

    1. Thanks gorgeous :) I hope you're doing okay, I've been keeping you in my mind