Friday, 8 June 2012


Having such a low intake these past three or four days has been amazing, but this morning I'm paying the price. I woke up feeling quite tired, shaky, anxious, and just weird in general. Did my blood sugar levels just now (two hours after getting up) and I'm on the fast track to a hypo attack. My sugars have dropped to a dangerous level. I eat basically pure carbs and don't waste calories on protein anymore, because my sugar levels are more essential. And I'm still hypoglycemic after four days of restricting. Fuck my life.

Looks like fat ass can't run today unless she wants to end up in hospital.
Looks like fat ass has to eat too much today unless she wants to end up in hospital.

This is why I haven't been able to fucking restrict properly since my admissions in November & December last year. If I go back to 50 calories a day, I'll be in hospital in maybe 3 days. Even at 200 calories I'd be lucky to make a week without a full-blown hypo attack.

Wish me luck, guys :-/


EDIT: Just went back through my obs book. The only time my BSL has been below normal this year was after a one day smoothie fast (where I had 15g carb). Before that, not since the middle of January when I was eating 100 cal, and my ED was restricting my blood sugar levels to keep my sugars below 3.5. Hooray. Now waiting for someone to wake up and yell at me to eat something, because I sure as hell can't make the decision to :(


  1. Eat whole grain stuff, it might have more calories than an apple, but it's also really good to your health and can help with your hypoglicemia!

    Be careful, I wouldn't want you to end up at hospital !


    1. When I eat grains, it's always wholegrain, but if I eat enough to maintain my sugars I won't lose weight :-/ I lose more when I restrict for several days, then have a carb re-load day. Think it's something to do with calorie spikes keeping metabolism pumping, so it works for me :P

      Normally I catch my sugars before they drop too low, this is pretty rare. Had some grain toast and a milk drink for breakfast to get me rolling, so I'm much better already :)