Monday, 11 June 2012

Weight (& intake June 11)

Had a horrible day, full of anxiety. Long story short, mum told me my weight. 48.0, the exact fucking same as it was 87 days ago. I was happy, so had a little chocolate. Then I freaked out, but realized my day wasn't ruined. I stayed under 200 regardless.

My sugars are falling. A couple of hours after lunch, they were lower than they were before. Not even an hour after chocolate, and they're lower than they were an hour before.

Fuck my life. I can't win.

Weighing tomorrow, I guess, in case I need a high-cal day for sugars :(

Breakfast: apple, oolong tea (24)
Lunch: apple, oolong tea (24)
Dinner: none
Snacks: coffee x2 (6), fererro rocher (67), hot chocolate (25)

Total intake: 146 calories
Burnt running: 1,080
Burnt doing housework: 70

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  1. Congratulations, that's so good. And the amount of calories you burnt is great. Stay safe though, don't let your blood sugar level get too low!