Sunday, 10 June 2012

Any difference? (Opinions needed!)

The photo with shoes on is the end of February (the month I ate 1,200 cal, high protein, and still ran everyday, and gained 7kg). I fucking grew that muscle overnight. Since then, I basically cut protein from my diet (and never within 6 hours, at least, of running) and lowered my intake a hell of a lot. The pic without shoes on is this morning.

Am I crazy, or will this muscle just not fucking shrink?


  1. The newest picture seems a little bit thinner to me. However, you shouldn't have to worry about the muscles at all ! Muscle isn't fat ^^
    Muscle's good, it's what makes you walk, stand, run... You need it, you would just be some kind of worm in your bed all day without it.
    You shouldn't mistake it for fat, which is obviously bad.

    Hehe learn to love your muscles !
    muscles help you burn more calories even when you don't exercise !

    1. It's all weight that wasn't there 6 months ago, though :<

      Your comments always brighten my day though! ^__^

  2. They definitely look a bit slimmer now. Don't worry about it if they're still a bit muscular, at least they're super toned and look great.