Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Apple fast (and intake June 12)

So today was practically an (unplanned) apple fast. I hope it shows on the scales tomorrow, even though I didn't run (again, sugar levels). I watched my blood sugars like a hawk today. Seriously - I've tested them 11 times, and will test at least once more before bed. I ate some apple whenever they dropped below my comfort levels. I made it, though :)

I was 47.8kg this morning. Hoping for 47.5kg tomorrow! :)

My plan at the moment is to have a high-calorie day, followed by 1-3 low calorie days. If I cut back on my running (though I'll still pound it after my high-cal day), I should be able to keep my sugars out of hypoglycemia range. My aim is to weigh less after the low-cal days than before the high-cal day. So if I'm 47.5 tomorrow, and gain from my high-cal day, I need to be at/below 47.5 before my next high-cal day. (I'm stupidly excited for my high-cal day tomorrow... I'm gonna be up all night obsessing over the foods I'm going to eat!)

I also slugged down four liters of water today. Normally I only do three!

God, I hope I'm 47.5 tomorrow.

Breakfast: diced apple, oolong tea (24)
Lunch: diced apple, oolong tea (24)
Dinner: diced apple, oolong tea (24)
Snacks: diced apple x2 (48), oolong tea (0), coffee x2 (6), hot chocolate (25)

Total Intake: 151 calories

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  1. Good luck, but please stay safe. Don't let your blood sugar drop and get ill!