Friday, 22 June 2012

Cutting calories (& intake June 22nd)

Really struggling with keeping intake up today... Skipped my oats with breakfast, and had some apple (still had 2 egg whites & toast, though). Skipped morning tea completely because I was so busy working out and running errands. Then had a late (2pm) and small lunch, though still had my yoghurt so I wouldn't be having a 100-calorie lunch (picture for y'all of my little lunch :3). Hot chocolate in the afternoon (craving). The size of the potatoes I use is going down, and I've changed which cheese I use so it's lower calorie. I'm really into my ice cream again at the moment, so it's a not-so-painful way to get more calories in. Still, under 700 today. Meh.

Had a brilliant grocery shop today. These are what I had in my little basket :)
  • Three potatoes (100-120g each)

  • A bag of Cos lettuce

  • A 500ml carton of egg whites (I've been using fresh, because frozen are too watery for omelettes so I only scramble them, but these are a new line of fridge-packs, so I thought I'd give them a try)

  • Iron supplements

  • Hair, Skin & Nail supplements (never taken these before, but all my nails have broken in the last two weeks)

  • Xenadrine Ultra

I haven't taken Xenadrine before. I actually went to buy more Nature's Way Metabolift, but these were on sale (though still 3x the price). I'm desperate. These must work better, because they have different (and more) ingredients, and seem a little more hardcore than taking Nature's Way. So I'm debating as to whether or not to start them now, or wait until after Tuesday. It says to take them for 45 days, so I might do that starting Tuesday, and use Metabolift in between. Yes.

Also a quick note on smoking, if anyone's interested: I've cut back to about a quarter of a gram a day in the last few days. This is the least I've smoked in over two years, unless I've been in hospital or when I quit December-March. This is amazing for me, and I'm so close to stopping completely. I have 5-8 tiny cones a day :)

Snack: Black coffee (4)
Breakfast: Egg whites with tomato sauce, Burgen Wholemeal & Seeds toast (half with WW canola spread & Vegemite), Coffee, Diced Golden Delicious apple, Oolong tea (152)
Lunch: Homemade lamb broth, vegetable, lentil & barley soup, Small Caesar (cos, LF dressing, WW bacon, grain croutons, egg white), Oolong tea, Yoghurt, Coffee (177)
Snack: Hot chocolate (27)
Dinner: Baked potato with WW bacon, WW canola spread, 97% FF cheese & chives, Side salad (cos & LF Caesar dressing), Coke Zero, SF ice cream with Milo (234)
Snack: SF ice cream & Milo (85)
Snack: Coffee (4)

Total intake: 683 calories
Burnt running: 426 calories
Burnt doing yoga: 59 calories
Burnt doing housework & running errands: 358 calories
Total burnt: 843 calories


  1. Hey hun, just discovered your blog. Am reading avidly

  2. I'm sorry your struggling today, I know it's really hard to stay motivated but I believe in you and will get there.
    Sending you a big hug xxx