Sunday, 10 June 2012

The Last 96

I have 96 hours to go until I weigh myself - ahhhhhh! I did some measurements last night and they were good, though my waist is a little puffy this morning :( I'm so paranoid about having gained weight. Someone, please, keep me sane! I know I am only responsible for my own actions, and if I gain, it's my fault. But I can't see that number go up. The next four days, I'll hopefully drop a little water weight at least. I need to make this weigh in. Three months without scales is too long for anyone. I kinda want to bring it forward to Tuesday, but I know it's just me being weak.

Oh God, I'm freaking out.

I want to throw my fat fucking guts up.

*cries in a ball*



  1. Don't worry, I'm sure you'll be satisfied with what you see on the scale. There is no reason you shouldn't be, you worked so hard.
    And even if the result is not as good as what you expected then, don't let it bring you down. On the contrary, take it as a new challenge !

    Good luck from the bottom of my heart !

  2. You've done so amazingly I'm sure you've lost weight. You've worked so hard and been so controlled.
    Good luck, I could never last so long without weighing myself, you have so much self control in all areas, haha.