Thursday, 14 June 2012

Let's do this thing

I always love the day after a high-cal day. My sugar levels are up, and I'm ready to kick some butt! I'm hoping to be back to 47.0 tomorrow when I weigh myself (I didn't today), but I'll settle for 47.5. Regardless, I should be hitting 46kg in the next few days, and below to 99lb (45.3kg) next week!

I had my first coffee pretty early today, and got straight on the trainer. I didn't hit the wall, but I did half an hour. I never want to get too into a run too early, in case mum wakes up and I feel rude because I want to run a marathon right now! So I banked it at half an hour. When mum went back to bed and I'd had another coffee, my sugars had dropped substantially (lol, fuck my life!). So I went for another half hour run to see what would happen, and I was pretty dead on my feet. The upside to this is that I means I shouldn't have too much glycogen from yesterday stored, which will show on the scales.

About to have my first apple, then maybe a little more running. Fuck hypoglycemia.

Hope you all have/had lovely days <3



  1. Hey, I've just started reading and can relate a lot, I'll look forward to reading more,
    Much love xxx

  2. I'm absolutely sure you can reach 46 kg before the end of next week!
    I'm so impressed on how you can do so much sport eating so few calories!
    I love reading your blog, it makes me so motivated to carry on! :)