Friday, 29 June 2012

Today Sucked (& intake June 29)

Today has sucked balls. Seriously. Shrunken saggy lanugo-covered balls. I've been constantly anxious, wanting to throw up, and getting dizzy and shaky when I stand (BSL & BP are fine, though) (yes, I also have a blood pressure machine at home too. Child's cuff - fuck yes :)). So I went for a short run today, and spent the majority of it on the couch (I've been fiending the Brain Training DS games). Boo. I didn't eat as much as I should've, either. Still.

The family were getting pizza for dinner tonight (hence the pic below - from eatingdisordermemes.tumblr). So I speed-cooked up a muffin and soup. The muffin was a good idea - it was tasty enough that I didn't crave pizza. It's a half of a 97% FF Wholemeal English muffin, half a slice of FF cheese, 7g of WeightWatcher's bacon, and an egg white. For 90 calories, though, I'm stoked. So I had that with my soup, and a frozen strawberry yoghurt for dessert. Had supper to avoid any late-night temptations, and I'm still frikkin' under 800. Love it.

Hope you've all had a better day than me

Snack: coffee (4)
Breakfast: Oats with stevia & cinnamon, Vegemite 4 Seed toast, coffee (156)
Snack: coffee (2)
Lunch: Vegemite 4 Seed toast, Homemade soup, yoghurt, Coffee (157)
Snack: Sweet chilli rice cake, Yoghurt, Coffee (134 )
Dinner: Wholemeal muffin with cheese/bacon/egg white, Homemade soup, Frozen strawberry yoghurt, Coffee (162)
Snack: SF ice cream w/ chocolate animal cookies & caramel topping, Coffee (101)
Snack: Hot chocolate (34)

Total intake: 744 calories
Burnt running: 213 calories
Burnt doing housework: 121 calories
Total burn: 334 calories

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  1. I'm sorry you're having a shitty day,
    Sending you a big hug,

    Mind you x