Wednesday, 6 June 2012

I feel thin

My size 6 (Australian) tops feel loose, but I've never seen a size 4, and I've only found four size 6 tops before. I'm gonna buy a size 6 skirt soon, and hope my damn hips will fit into it. I can wrap my hand comfortably around my upper arm. I can wrap both hands comfortably around any part of my thigh. Oh, and I have a thigh gap when I lie on my side with my knees together. Still weight to lose, but I should be at 45kg/99lb when I weigh next Thursday.

Going to sleep feeling thin. Goodnight lovelies <3


  1. U are realy skinny.
    i don´t know what to write
    but i hope only the best for you!
    Lots of love

  2. I wish I could be 45kg too! :(
    I googled australian sizes and WAW 6 is really so small !!! It makes a 32 in French size. My size is 36 (french) for bottom so that makes a 10 in australian size (if my converter's right), and 34 for tops (australian 8). I feel so damn big compared to you !
    Anyway, seeing you like this really motivates me !
    Thank you for posting so often!

    1. Hehe, thanks hun ^^, I love feeling tiny. I've always been the giant (185cm), so it's nice to be able to feel petite sometimes :) Some days are still 'fat days', but sometimes I actually feel thin!


    2. I'll hope I'll be able to feel tiny one day too :)
      How did you manage to stay motivated when all this began ?
      Everything seems to work out so good for you, I'm sure you must be some kind of fairy to reach such amazing results haha ^^ Tell me all your secrets, I so want to look like you !
      ps: I'm so glad today I went to the swiming pool, and I could see my rib bones quite clearly !

    3. The first time I lost weight, I really don't remember much of. It just fell off, no motivation needed. After re-feeding and weight restoration, I was so much more motivated because I knew it was physically possible. I've been on a pension for 3 years, so I don't work or study. My whole life is weight loss. When l have quite literally 24/7 to focus on losing weight, I can drop 6kg a month (if I have it to lose). Everything just takes time :)


  3. Hello :) Just looking for new blogs to read and I found yours. Sounds like things are going well for you! I'll keep reading. Take care <3 Jade