Monday, 25 June 2012

FML x1,000 (& intake June 25)

Woke up today hypoglycemia. Rofl. My body fucking hates me. One day at 500 calories, and my body can't handle it. Gonna ask my dietician about it tomorrow. I was meant to see a dietician in November to manage hypoglycemia when restricting, anyway, so I guess that'll be okay. But for today it meant no running, which I guess is okay since I did an (unintentional) depletion workout yesterday, and I hadn't had a rest day in at least a week.

Ate a disgusting 550 calories today. It's way too much. I think I'm going to need to eat at least 250-300 calories to maintain my blood sugars, when I eat only apples/fruit & vege with no room for fat or protein - only carbs. So that's gonna get sorted tomorrow after I get weighed and have gained. Coffee for dinner tonight. Blood sugars were okay enough to skip dinner, so I'll have my hot chocolate later and call it a night.

Snack: coffee (4)
Breakfast: Burgen toast with WW canola spread & Vegemite, Coffee (98)
Snack: SF ice cream with Milo, Coffee (67)
Lunch: Burgen toast with WW canola spread & Vegemite, Coffee, SF ice cream with Milo (165)
Snack: Mini muffin, Coffee (97)
Snack: Sweet Chili & Sour Cream rice cake, SF ice cream with caramel topping (79)
Dinner: Coffee (4)
Snack: Hot chocolate (34)

Total intake: 550 disgusting calories
Burnt housekeeping: 102 calories (lol!)


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  1. Hey Bella, hope you are well today,
    Just wanted to say thanks for drawing my attention to the side effects of olanzapine. I did some research and was horrified at what I found.
    I definitely won't be taking it anymore.
    Much love to you x