Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Intake 5th June - Wonderful day :)

Breakfast: diced apple, oolong tea (24)
Lunch: diced apple (38)
Dinner: tinned vegetable soup, whipped jelly & cream, peppermint tea (42)
Snacks: black coffee x3 (12), hot chocolate (25)

Total intake: 141
Burnt running: 432
Burnt doing housework/walking: 168
Total burn: 600
Net intake: -459

Went to a different supermarket and found the soup I wanted! Plain old vegetable :) I persisted and didn't fall into temptation just because my dinner plans fell through. Triumph for the day :) I'm so happy with my intake today. If I can get at least 5 really good days like today before the 13th, and my bad days not over 1,000, I'll be ready to weigh on the 14th. 45kg or below? I hope so! (was 48kg last time, but don't think I've lost too much)

Just had dinner, and will have my hot chocolate soon. No more food tonight for this skinny minny!

At the moment, I feel like I can't decide whether I need someone to hold on to tightly and never let go, or to be utterly alone. I'm leaning towards the latter. If I can't have someone to love me and hold me and never let me go, I want to be completely isolated. Yeah, I kinda work in extremes. I really need to bite the bullet and get working on finding my own apartment. Then I can be alone with my eating disorder, and no looming fears of hospital beds and doctors and Involuntary Treatment Orders. I wouldn't be able to do Recovery without that extra support, anyway, so I'm flinging myself down the Rabbit Hole. First, I need to quit smoking so I have enough money to do so. Planning that for June 14th, too (it's a big date for me).

Sending love, positive thoughts, and good vibrations to all you lovely ladies <3


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  1. You are such an inspiration!
    Keep thinking thin girl!(;