Friday, 29 June 2012

New Tiny Skirt <3 (*pictures!*)

I bought this little size 6 (Australian) waist-high skirt the other day and just tried it on. The belt's on the smallest hole, and I can pull it out at least an inch! Seriously in need of some size 4s, but I've never seen a size 4AU anything, and I'm sure that if they exist they'd be made for 4'1" girls - not 6'1" like me! Any suggestions, girlies?

Feeling thin and confident tonight :) Feels good, man.

'scuse the crappy quality on the first pic, and 'scuse my horrible tobacco stain in the second pic (cutting weed consumption down from 3g a day to 0.15g a day + eating more and all that shit = massive increase in cigarette smoking. Not a bad trade off!)

I am so glad I skipped pizza tonight...!


  1. Ow I love the skirt ! So cute :)
    I think you should put a colorful belt (like red or pink) to brigthen the whole thing, it would be lovely !

    Maybe you should search on online shopping websites, I'm sure there are some specialised in small sizes!
    (I'm going to try and find one, and send it to you ^^)

  2. Oooh what a cute skirt - love the whole look! and yeh like Queenie said I am sure you will be able to find stuff online??
    looking fabbo girl! lots of love x

  3. There you go !
    Here you can find size 4 :

    There too the size can be quite small :

    Hope you'll like it :)

  4. Thanks :) I never buy clothes online though :( and petite/Asian clothes really aren't for girls as tall as me (even that skirt is a tad short!) I did a google and saw on the Vogue forums that Country Road make size 4s.... But they fit like a 6-8 :( I'm not sure if they really exist. I might need to get off my butt and draft up some patterns to sew! But that's not about to happen any time soon =_= I think a shopping trip to Melbourne sounds much more easy :D