Saturday, 23 June 2012

Every day gets harder (& intake June 23)

Hard morning, but I pulled through. Tried hard to get to 800-1,000 today and relax, because I've worked out a lot this week, and been under 800 for two days. I still love breakfast the most. I was making oats too, but they boiled over and I didn't have time to make more because I was making muffins with bacon, cheese & poached eggs for my Mum :3 So I didn't mind too much, and had my oats for morning tea/second breakfast instead :)

The afternoon got hard again. I ate ice cream and Nutella (not together) because I was mopey. I do not want to go over 800 again until I see my dietician, which is Tuesday, so only a couple more days. So I had soup, jelly with cream & Coke Zero for dinner. Picture has no whipped cream because it would've melted while eating my soup.

Snack: Coffee (4)
Breakfast: Wholemeal open muffin with LF cheese, egg white & WW bacon, Burgen toast with WW canola & Vegemite, Black coffee, Frozen strawberry yoghurt, Oolong tea (165)
Snack: Oats with stevia & cinnamon, coffee (64)
Lunch: Homemade lamb broth (no meat), vegetable, lentil & barley soup, FF yoghurt, Peppermint tea (150)
Snack: SF ice cream with Milo, Coffee (92)
Snack: Nutella (73)
Snack: SF ice cream with caramel topping, coffee (81)
Dinner: Homemade soup, Whipped jelly with whipped cream, Coke Zero (97) One slice of homemade garlic bread (20)
Snack: Hot chocolate (34)

Total intake: 780 calories (ugh...)
Burnt running: 213 calories
Burnt housekeeping: 241 calories
Total burn: 454 calories


  1. Haha breakfast is also my favourite meal of the day ... And unfortunately the moment I can't help but over-eat.
    I'm happy you managed to eat a bit more and it's a good thing you do sport because you'll then build muscles which will certainly help you getting better and solve this glycemia trouble :)
    I also hope everything is going to go well with your dietetician, you really deserve to get better!

    1. I mostly just want to find out my intake to maintain, so I can lose weight without hypo-ing :) If I lose weight this week, I'll be frikkin' surprised, but my dietician is sure I'm not going to gain on 800-1,000. Can't wait until the next few weeks have passed so I can restrict, lose weight, manage my hypoglycemia, and tell my GP to go fuck herself for saying my weight's not a concern!


  2. Haha, you're so right, I wish I could come with you the day you come and tell your GP fuck ^^ anyway this is weird because in France, with your height/weight, any doctor would take as his duty to help you. How come it's not the way in australia?

    1. It actually is... Technically, I should be sent straight to hospital, and put on an Involuntary Treatment Order, because I'm a risk to myself. GPs just tend to be idiots. Last year, I saw my family GP (who I've seen all my life) at 43kg and told him I had trouble sleeping. He told me to exercise more, even though I told him I worked out 2-4 hours every day. A week later, I saw an ED specialist, and I was off to hospital on an ITO, and never saw that GP again. If I saw a specialist, or even a psych, I'd be forced into treatment and weight restoration. One extreme to the other!