Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Tea & Apples meal plan

Yesterday went so well, I'm gonna trial this for a few days, starting tomorrow :) To try to keep my blood sugars up, I'm going to be eating a hell of a lot of apples. First off, apples (like most fruit) have a low GI - 38. So they're a good option for me to eat small amounts constantly.

I always eat the same weight of specific fruits. I don't know why. It's just easier. So that's why my diced apple will always come in at 24, in case anyone's wondering!

My plan is to have my little bowl of diced apple (24 calories) with a cup of tea (most likely oolong) whenever I'm hungry, or my sugars are low. I will have up to ten mini-meals a day (240 calories), which would be one every hour from 8am-6pm! So I doubt I'll need that much, but it all depends on my sugar levels.

If I feel weak/in need of a warm meal, I can have my chicken noodle soup (20) and whipped jelly with whipped cream (15), or something similar. Also, my standard hot chocolate (25) at night, and coffees (3-12).

There is no way I can break 300 cal if I stick to my plan. 200 is what I'm comfortable with, but I need to take care of my poor body a little.

Also, cutting down on running :( This massively sucks. I have developed a genuine love for exercise and running in particular since I've been sick, far beyond weight loss reasons. I need to run. I'll do 15-30 minutes a day, along with a blast the morning after a high-cal day, and see how that goes, but I doubt I'll be running 2 hours a day any time again soon.

I bought a dozen tiny Golden Delicious apples today, so I'm all set for tomorrow <3



  1. Can I ask how you are already on Wednesday because where I live it's still Tuesday evening?

  2. I live in Australia. Currently 1:18PM Wednesday 13th :)

  3. Time differences are always so confusing to me, haha.
    And that's amazing, what's oolong tea like? You drink a lot of it but I normally just drink green or peppermint, I need to branch out a bit.
    You're such an inspiration!

    1. Oolong is half-way between green and black tea :) like, half-fermented. It has a lot of the benefits of green tea (plus more), but I prefer the taste over green. I need to get back to my peppermint tea!