Saturday, 16 June 2012

This was me at 55kg, which is the lowest weight I can get to before the pressure stops to gain more, and it would go into my hands to gain or maintain. I'm a little skinny-fat, but not fat, right? And since I'm going to start toning, I hopefully won't be quite that big.

I just want to get psych help, but the system is fucked, and it isn't available until you reach a healthy(er) weight. BMI 15-16 is the minimum, which is 52-55kg for someone as tall as I am (185cm/6'1").

I think I can deal with this weight, and if the psych help works, I'll go from there.

I can always just lose it all again...


  1. you still look beautiful here <3 x

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    1. You are not fat at all on this picture! You're actually really great! I hope you'll find happiness on the recovery journey.
      It is a great choice you made, and I really hope you'll find the required strenght. You know that you'll always have me to support you! :)

  3. You are seriously gorgeous here. Even lovely hip bones.