Sunday, 17 June 2012

Day one (intake)

Today was hard. I really struggled, to be honest. But I ate. And I ate clean. I didn't eat quite enough, but it was a lot. I missed morning tea because breakfast was late, but I had two snacks in the afternoon. My main meals came in between 180-250. And they were all really fucking filling. Pictures for y'all below :)

It's notable that today I haven't felt that urge to eat everything in sight, because I know I can eat it tomorrow, too :) I was motivated and spent a lot of time doing housework and staying on my feet this morning. I've had my moments, and the first few hours of the morning was really hard, but I got through. I'm planning on upping my intake slowly, first to 1,000-1,500, and then up on an as-needed basis. I don't need to go straight to 2,500, gain 2kg every week, and not be able to stop it.

Mum and Brother are being so, so supportive <3 Brother has been at a seminar for the SES all weekend, and out of range, so he didn't know & hadn't seen me yesterday. I love my family, really.

Doctor's tomorrow at 10:45am. Wish me luck that I actually get there.

Snack: Black coffee.
Breakfast: Half a wholemeal muffin with LF cheese, bacon & egg white. Weight-Wise oats made with skim milk, water, brown sugar & cinnamon. Cantaloupe. Black coffee.
Lunch: Burgen Wholemeal & Seeds toast with Vegemite & FF cheese. Diet Coke. FF yoghurt.
Snack: Apple Digestive Balance muesli.
Snack: Homemade banana-bran bread w/ LF canola spread. Black coffee.
Dinner: Baked potato w/ LF canola spread, LF cheese, bacon & chives. Cos LF Caesar side salad. Diet Coke. Frozen strawberry yoghurt.
Snack: Air-popped popcorn. Nutella.
Snack: Hot chocolate.

Total Intake: 915 calories
Burnt running: 213
Burnt doing housework: 273

Much love to all you wonderful girls <3<3

A special shout-out to Klaudia: I got your comment in my inbox, but I went to reply and couldn't find it. Thank you for your comment, lovely <3 Every bit of support I get helps me through, so it means a lot to me :)



  1. wow - well done bella I am so proud of you for doing this and your family seem really supportive. Good luck today :)

    Love Rayya x

  2. Really well done Bella. You've taken the first step and that is often the hardest. Best of luck at the doctor tomorrow, I hope he is supportive and is educated about eating disorders. Let us know how you get on.
    I'm feeling positive too, everything is telling me to go for recovery, I think it's time.
    Lots of love to you xxx

  3. I'm so proud of you. You're such an inspiration to me right now. Congratulations.
    So much love for you.

  4. This is exactly why blogs like this one are good. The support and inspiration that people get is just amazing, it warms my heart ;) I am definitely joining you guys with this healthy life style, we can be so much stronger together :)
    Your meals look really nice, you always seem so organized! I love it! And I'm a runner too, I want to run a marathon one day. Hopefully next year, if I'm not too busy with school.
    And I also want to let you know that I really respect you for the way you talk about your family :) And thank you for the shout out! Good luck tomorrow x